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This is for group exhibition Mythos

Myth As Myth: Experiments in Magic

Myth as Myth: Experiments in Magic. I’ve utilised the group exhibition at end of my scholarship year at Julian Ashton Art School as way to practice technically in genre of Magical Realism, and tied them all together in literal occult/magical practices.

Stepping away from Western psychology and reductionist world view, I refuse to reduce my personal narrative to single story – such as the Hero’s Journey. I do not use hierarchical understanding of realities when talking about our experiential life- or claim to understand what our experiential life is in terms of what/where the imagination, subconscious, or dreams begin and end. Instead, I understand my experiences as part of complexities of being a human and express this material and immaterial worlds as they collide on my canvas – capturing my experience as honestly as possible.

Nov 29 at 5 PM to Dec 3 at 4 PM
Depot II Gallery : 2 Dank St. Sydney