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This is for group exhibition Mythos

Myth As Myth: Experiments in Magic

Myth as Myth: Experiments in Magic. I’ve utilised the group exhibition at end of my scholarship year at Julian Ashton Art School 
Stepping away from Western psychology and reductionist world view, I refuse to reduce my personal narrative to single story – such as the Hero’s Journey. I do not use hierarchical understanding of realities when talking about our experiential life- or claim to understand what our experiential life is in terms of what/where the imagination, subconscious, or dreams begin and end. Instead, I understand my experiences as part of complexities of being a human and express this world as they collide on my canvas – capturing my experience as honestly as possible.

Nov 29 at 5 PM to Dec 3 at 4 PM
Depot II Gallery : 2 Dank St. Sydney