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Hi! Lot of you know me already but –

I grew up as an undocumented migrant in USA. Back then, there was no DACA or DREAM ACT and no way to take the scholarship offered to me from University at 17. Now, after many years of being international student and paying outrageous fees, I have migrated to Australia as a Permanent Resident, I want to continue my University studies and need your help!

I thought I’d be in research MA this year (which is usually scholarship/no fee), instead, I am enrolled in Hons. year – following a supervisor that I really really admire, and working on some exciting new research/art project that you will all see by the end of the year. It’s a secret for now, but it will be super wonderful. … ur.. I hope. I think y’all will like it. Unlike last year, I get to do some art!!

In Australia, it’s not possible to receive HECS or government support for education as a permanant resident (you have to be a citizen), and I really need your help with up front University fees this year – each semester 5000 AUD (I’ve rounded the numbers since there will be processing fees, books, etc. for uni). Any extra that might come in will be used for expenses related to my studies and/or art supplies, and living expenses.

Thanks for reading and caring!

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