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Interview For Central News

When Sydney artist Nada Decat was thirteen, her mother abandoned her in America with no home, no documents and no family. Decat slept in cars and survived among San Francisco’s underground youth, raised by a community of artists while her family returned to her birthplace of Japan. She eventually moved to Australia, where she took up painting with a… Read more


Group Exhibition : Mythos

    November 29 – December 3 Nov 29 at 10 AM to Dec 3 at 4 PM   Show Map Depot II Dank Street Official Opening 5pm Tuesday, Nov. 29th. Depot II Group Exhibition by Artists Margherita Sanguinet, Chunyu Zhang, Michael Simms, Paul Smith, and Nada DeCat The 5 artists involved in ‘Mythos’ have… Read more


Podcast With Taylor Ellwood : Magical Realism

I am invited to be guest on podcast by very supportive and kind Magician-Taylor Ellwood to talk about magical realism (in relation to art and magic – art world defines the word magic differently) on Nov. 14 Mon 6pm PST – which is about 11am 15th Nov. in Sydney. Please listen if you can! Im… Read more


Project 365 plus

I was invited to post my painting progress on 365 plus blog for a whole month!   Please join my facebook for latest paintings and my personal outrage . LOL..


Automator – Dropbox to Photo

As visual artist, I use my phone a lot to save random images that I find interesting during the day. Since I own Android phone and Mac Pro, syncing can be a little tricky and it took me a while to figure it out. You certainly don’t want to just store all your precious images… Read more


Sydney Mechanic School of Art Scholarship Award

I am honoured to receive Sydney Mechanic School of Art Scholarship Award to Julian Ashton Art School for year of 2016. This is a part time scholarship allowing me to time to prepare for my personal exhibition and concepts.   I thank all my teachers at Julian Ashton for excellent classes.