Finite Gestures 2017

Finite Gestures

a solo exhibition by ​Nada DeCat

22 – 27th June, 2017

Opening Night  22nd June 6-9pm

M2 Gallery –  4/450 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia 12-7pm

Born in Nagasaki and raised in San Francisco, Sydney-based artist Nada DeCat pulls from the depths of a journey through migration, oppression, isolation and community to create work both visually stunning, and charged with meaning. Meditating on themes of social injustice and spirituality, DeCat explores painting as a series of finite gestures: a creation of ephemeral space where the occult encounters the everyday, and the mundane is placed beside the magical.

Finite Gestures ​is, at the core, a bold and unashamed exploration of queer, East Asian identity in the West. Both observational and constructive, DeCat’s portrayal of friends, activists and icons alike from the LGBT+ community around her brings beauty to the fore through careful choices in colour and brushstroke, while evocations of spiritual and religious symbology, influenced by her own studies in esoteria, are blended seamlessly with modern iconography: depictions of Facebook comments are given as much room in DeCat’s work as Tarot cards and natural flora. DeCat renders, for the viewer, the world as she sees it – her own ‘inner world’ made palpable.

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